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Pit Master – Ron Olsen

There is a well known saying, “When life throws you curve-balls, hit them out of the ballpark.”. Metaphorically speaking, that is precisely what I did. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say it was a ball—in my case, more like a pork butt. A very large knock-you-off–your-toes type of life altering moment.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Ronald Steven Olsen, Jr., but my friends call me Ron. Puttering through life like most, I had not found my true calling. I drove the country putting in grueling hours in an eighteen wheeler. I’ve struggled. I’ve owned and operated a trucking/ landscaping company. I found no morsel of inspiration in what I was doing.

After a long days work, though, there was nothing I found more appealing, more relaxing and befitting, than a BBQ and bonfire with my closest family and friends. It was my Zen, my escape. Had I ever thought of pursuing any of this as a career? Yes I had. Many of us never follow what inspires them, drives them—inspiration and passion are frequently saved for the after party, a comfort zone when you are amongst friends.

Then, on a sweltering hot summer’s day back in 2011, while I was amongst friends (where that passion and inspiration should be flaring)—that darn butt came flying at me out of no where (again, metaphor). My dear friend Paul made a bet with me that he was the better cook. The nerve! This game is on! Without a doubt, without a second thought, I was on a mission to prove him wrong. And that, my friends, was the birth of Ron Olsen Pit Master. The birth of tantalizing, mouth-watering barbecue—Olsen’s BBQ! The birth of my one true passion. The finest meats, all rubs homemade, no gas to heat this Pit just hardwood. All types of parties, all gatherings, all family occasions special orders & those events you still have not thought of—Ron is the answer. Relax, enjoy and entertain your guests and let him render them into pleasant button-popping food comas, yearning for more and helping them come to a realization on what a true Wood Smoked American BBQ is all about. Hope to serve you soon!


Pit master – Ron Olsen